Our team

Marybeth Parrilla, Esq.


Marybeth Parrilla was admitted to practice in all South Carolina Courts in 2009. She is a 2008 graduate of Western Michigan Thomas M. Cooley School of Law in Lansing, Michigan where she received honors for her trial skills and oral arguments as a litigator.
Marybeth’s litigation practice has had a strong presence in the Family Courts of the Upstate since the firm’s inception. She routinely handles both misdemeanor and felony charges. Her business practice involves the negotiation of contracts related to sports, marketing, endorsement, and employment contracts. Marybeth’s contractual experience was gained handling multi-million dollar aircraft transactions prior to opening of her own firm in 2010.

Kenneth Joshen, Jr.

Legal Specialist

In 2020, Marybeth welcomed Legal Specialist, Kenneth Joshen, Jr. (KenJ). He received his undergraduate degree from Coastal Carolina University, and is a 2016 graduate of Concord Law School in Los Angeles, California. KenJ is Certified NFL Player Agent and represents professional football players in all aspects of contracts negotiation and renewals. Joshen also holds certification from FIFA and is eligible to represent professional soccer players.